ESCOVAL: The English Speaking Church of the Valley of the Loire

Welcome to the official website of Escoval, The English Speaking Church of the Valley of the Loire. We hope you will find its content useful and informative, and look forward to extending a personal welcome to you at one of our services.

Our Church was founded by the Reverend Geoffrey Colman and several like minded ex-patriot brits at Easter 2005 and became officially registered as an association in France in October 2006. Our founders encompassed the Anglican, Lutheran and Presbyterian faiths, so we started out with a broad base of religious acceptance which continues to this day. All are welcome, whether you are here on holiday, visiting friends or relations, or part or full time residents in this very pleasant part of France.

The Reverend Geoffrey continues to be our spiritual leader but these days, although the spirit is very willing, the flesh is not quite what it used to be and he is now assisted by the Reverend Andrew Hubbard and other members of the congregation.

The Church is attainable by wheelchair but assistance will be needed for the front steps. Don’t worry about this as willing helpers are always on hand if required. Arcay church has one of the best heating systems we have encountered in a church anywhere. Wrap up warm if it is cold outside but be prepared to shed layers when you are in! It also has a sound system and we are currently looking into establishing a hearing aid loop.